In the Darkest Night

Kel Andrews has spent the last year living with nightmares and flashbacks. Unwilling to share what happened, he's withdrawn from his family and the Gineal council has removed him from his position as a troubleshooter. But when a woman shows up asking for protection from a demon, Kel reluctantly agrees to help and finds himself facing an unexpected adversary, one he doesn't know how to fight. My Review: I was disappointed in this book after liking The Power of Two, by this author. This book is forgettable. I read this, what, last month? And already. Patches in my memory. That means it wasn't that outstanding. I never know how to proceed with these types of books. Didn't hate it. Didn't love it. It was okay, the parts that I recall. Even then I don't want to say it was okay, because that might imply that I kind of liked the book. I could read it, I suppose. It didn't hurt too much to finish it, but I would never read it again nor would I recommend this book to other people. This book contained lists, and I am starting to hate lists. You know the kind. The whole big check list of qualities you like in a stranger you just met. "Good, she's got boobs and a va-jay-jay, she'll do. Even if she acts like a 12-year-old boy with a disciplinary problem." Of course the "good qualities" aren't even that. It's usually feistiness and/or stubbornness (and the ability to not show emotion and "remain calm" or as I like to call it be unstable or a creepy psycho). Oh, and straight men apparently like husky voices. Man voices. "You sound like a man when we're in the dark together, baby!". Wouldn't recommend this book. But I, personally, will try to read other books by this author since I did like her work before (this book).

Book Review - My Forbidden Desire

The My Series, Book 2 via Carolyn Jewel. Title: My Forbidden Desire. Author: Carolyn Jewel. Genre: Paranormal Romance. Distributer: Forever (June 1, 2009). Portrayal: Torn Between. Alexandrine Marit is a witch in mortal peril. An insidiousness mage desires the effective, recondite talisman that supplies her enchantment, and the main individual who can keep her alive is a dull and unsafe monster called Xia. With his furious ill will to witches, he's barely the perfect bodyguard. Yet as days transform into nights, she can't deny the white-hot ardor between them. Longing and Temptation: Xia detests witches. They oppress and hardheartedly murder his kind. At the same time he's been requested to secure Alexandrine, who, amazingly, has a soul he respects and a body he aches to have. With the mage and his colleagues shutting in, Alexandrine and her defender must believe the enthusiasm that can unite them. On the other hand danger losing everything to the adversaries who can wreck them both. My Review: Meh. I truly don't have any enormous grievances or compliments for this book. I sort of wish I could simply essentially state my emotions in one sentence and be carried out. I even had some difficulty concocting a few lines for my Goodreads audits. I'll attempt to say one thing I like and one I didn't! That being said, generally speaking, the book was not so much remarkable.

I sensed that I could be perusing any average book by any less than impressive very impressive essayist. I simply wasn't blown away. What pulled in me to the book was the story. I can just like an adoration story that begins with some compelling abhorrence going on. Notwithstanding, I sort of like more stuggle when a character concedes attarction to somebody they thought they couldn't ever like, even a little bit. However he really despises her. I think I didn't prefer how rapidly Xia got over his disdain an individual he connected with the most exceedingly terrible time of his life, somebody he needed to kill. What I truly didn't love about the book was the movement between the two characters, I am almost certain the two mains "became hopelessly enamored" inside three days. I like myself some unreasonable sentiment, yet not that far out. I truly can't wrap my head around it. I never truly developed to like or think about poor people, poor and quite pitiful principle characters. Terrible stuff befell them and after that should feel frustrated about them, or something. Rating: 3/5. I would propose this book to PNR addicts. On the other hand aficionados of the creator. I would recommend getting this from the library (or utilized) in the event that you ridiculously need to peruse this.

The Advantages of Operational Leasing

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American Exceptionalism & Pop culture Sentimentality

There - I’m not even going to write the post. It just writes itself from the title. Having said that, I am recently divorced, off my meds, living in a ditched camper shell next to a trailer home in a rural area, I am unemployed & without health insurance, sponging off of my elderly parents (oh, sorry, did I say that out loud? I meant to say “helping out my etc”), and I listen to this song and sing and scream and laugh and cry almost every day. I have no stance on this. Just offering it up for you to deconstruct at will (although there’s a merry little discussion to be had on how it’s easier in America for a single/divorced white male to be poor than for just about anybody else, but I’m not gonna go there right now thanks).