The Advantages of Operational Leasing

The advantages of this type of long term leasing consist of the fact that the payments are deductible, representing 100% financing and not 70% like in the case of financial leasing, the tax payment is performed by the supplier, the implicit cost is lower, the warranties are settled and, longer the renting period is, lower the final acquisition price is. As you may notice from these few listed advantages, the operational leasing is a simple and convenient alternative both to long term leasing and to car purchasing. A famous rent-a-car company is also Touring Rent Auto with car rental Romania that supplies a large variety of services, that also include this possibility of operational leasing. The offered cars are Dacia Logan sedan or station wagon as well as minibuses, motor coaches or bantam cars (SUV, 4x4), so that you can choose something that is the most suitable for your field of activity that needs a car.