Master Bedroom

I'd be lying if I didn't say that this room is my absolute favorite in the house. Like I mentioned in the last post, I've struggled a lot with where to put things (decor wise) from the last house and fit them into this new space, but this room I had vision for which made things very easy. The bed still has my heart (thank you, Ikea and the person who sold it to me second hand for $100) and the bedding remains the same. In fact, there's nothing new except one mirror. Everything else is jumbled bits from the last house, so if you've been reading for a while you should recognize pieces from past posts. I stalked this mirror at HomeSense for a week or so and watched as the red ticket got lower and lower. Finally settled at $26 and brought it home with me. Sharing a bathroom with 4 others means I had to move out "my crap". So using an old plant stand table that my Great Grandfather made, I created a place for me to get ready. Or accessorized. Even though it amplifies my vanity, this sign was a gift years ago from my Aunt & Uncle. Sarah means Princess, so I'm not, like, completely vain. It has meaning. You may remember this window from a previous post, but this window came out of a 100 year old home that my sister and her family moved into last year. I adore it. I know several people love weird pieces like this but aren't always sure how to hang them. These are the answer! Crochet heart garland by SophieBean. So yeah, that's it! I'll be back hopefully soon with more! Thanks for stopping by!

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